Dre Daniels

Master Barber

I offer master level barbering services for every hair type. In addition to expert cuts, trims, and grooming treatments, I also provide educational classes for aspiring barbers and perform competition judging at barber events. 

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Taylor Crawford


I am a barber who believes that every client is a canvass, and my haircuts are works of art. It's my job to express the individuality and uniqueness that lives inside all of my customers, but when I use a pair of clippers, I also showcase my own style. Residents from throughout the city are welcome in my chair for classic fades, low or high tapers, textured cuts, or modern beard grooming—regardless of the request, I will help each person obtain their desired look.

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Josh Duarte.png

Josh Duarte


I'm a licensed barber of over 9 years.  I'm driven by my passion to succeed.  My goal is to motivate, learn, and grow within my respective industry.  Every cleint leaving my chair should look, and feel  like a HEAVYWEIGHT. 

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